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Dryer Balls
Price:   $20.00/pkg of 3
Dryer Balls are a natural green alternative to dryer sheets - Made of hypo-allergenic alpaca fibre

Dry clothes faster- Depending on the make and model of your dryer, they decrease dryer time by 30 to 50 % saving you energy and money!Reduce static and wrinkling while softening- Decreased wrinkles = less time ironing

Just toss them in your dryer and they will dramatically reduce your drying time by absorbing moisture and fluffing and separating clothes.

If you prefer a scented product, add a drop of essential oil or any fragrance oil of your choice.

The dryer balls will last for years as alpaca is one of the strongest natural fibres, saving hundreds of dollars on chemical laden dryer sheets.

The true value of using dryer balls is how friendly they are to our environment. Enjoy wearing, chemical free, hypoallergenic clothes.

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