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About Us
Sunkeya Farm Alpacas is located at 1264 Green Lake Road in Oliver, British Columbia in the beautiful and sunny South Okanagan Valley. 
Our first 4 alpacas were purchased in 2008.  Upon arriving to pick them up, there in the pasture stood the cutest little freckled faced cria, I had to have him! Now, many years later with show ring and fleece show ribbons on our walls, and many amazing cria, we are convinced this is the best thing we could have done.
We have learned a considerable amount about alpacas through research and the well shared knowledge of the people we have met through the alpaca industry. We look forward to years of raising and breeding healthy, quality, award winning colored alpacas. We strive to breed for quality fibre and sound conformation.  Currently, we have 12 CLAA & ARI registered Huacaya alpacas on our farm .
Stop by for a visit, our Golden Retrievers, Keko and Koach will greet you at the gate. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and invite you to stay for a visit and shop around in our little farm store to see all that is made from the alpaca fibre. 
Come enjoy the beauty, grace and gentleness of our alpacas. They will be sure to capture your heart, just as they have ours!
  • Alpacas are members of the camelid family
  • There are two types of alpacas; the Huacaya and the Suri
  • Sheared once a year for their fibre
  • A baby alpaca is called a cria.  Gestation is 11 1/2 months and Alpacas produce one cria per year
  • Alpacas are induced ovulators
  • An adult is approximately 36 inches tall and weighs 150 lbs
  • Alpacas eat hay and grain and are hardy and healthy with a life span of approximately 20 years
  • They use a community dung pile making clean up easy (see Alpaca "Beans" below)
  • Alpacas have a gentle hum, males orgal while mating, females cluck to newborns and they all have an alarm call which is a high-pitched, rhythmic braying sound used when something unusual or a predator is in the vicinity
  • Unsurpassed softness
  • Superior warmth ( 7x warmer than wool)
  • Hypoallergenic - contains no lanolin
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Alpaca fibre comes in 22 recognized natural colors
ALPACA "BEANS" - Naturally, Organically, Chemical Free
  • Alpaca manure makes a teriffic plant food and soil conditioner
  • Naturally has all three primary nutrients as commercial fertilizers but in a smaller percentage, therefore will not cause burning.
  • When added to clay soil, will loosen the ground and make it more porous
  • When added to sandy soil, will help the ground bind together and retain moisture 
  • "Beans" have virtually no odor

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